So I am wondering, what are some slower songs by shredders that you like? I want to hear more shredders take it slower. I think this would still go into this part of the forum right? Or even just some shredders doing some acoustic stuff. Don't suggest Buckethead's Acoustic Shards though, I have already listened to it...a thousand times.
You'd be surprised how many slow songs Joe Satriani has.
New To Town With A Made Up Name

In The Angel's City

Chasing Fortune And Fame
I dont if it would be considered "slow" but one of my favorites is "Viking Kong" by Racer X.

"Circles" by Mr. Satriani, and of course "Tender Surrender" by Mr. Vai.

Some of Friedmans stuff that i like that are kind of slow are "Angel" and "Forbidden City"(the first 2 minutes)

Bumblefoot's "Breaking" is AMAZING; goosbumps first time I heard it.

"State Of Grace" by Liquid Tension Experiment is another song I really like.

BTW Shawn Lane's cover of "All Along the Watch Tower" is also straight pwnage
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