Recently I have wanted to build pedals very badly. I am in the process of modding my crybaby and I have some experience with a soldering iron. I thought I would start with BYOC. But it feels a little like cheating. I know all it is is buying the parts but idk, still feels weird. So where can I get the parts I need to do this. I would probably buy the PCB's from BYOC but how about the casing? And if it's metal do I need a special drill? I think I will get a BYOC first, just to get more experience but after that?

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That looks great for the enclosure! I can get the PCB from BYOC and a friend of mine gets me caps, resistors etc. Hardware and IC shouldn't be too hard to find. Thanks! But also, is there any special way to drill a metal enclosure?
I was wondering that too. How to drill through a metal enclosure. Free bump!
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Use a drill........

Measure twice drill once. I centre punch every hole and start with a small drill bit and slowly progress in size. This really helps for those 1/2" holes for your bypass switch. A drill press really helps btw. If you have one or get can get one use it.
Its good to start with a kit so you know all the parts are there and it should work if assembled properly. Then you can move on to buying individual parts and making PC boards.