I think I might smell, like right after I take a shower. Like I'll take a shower then like 10 minutes later when I walk around people are like...did you fart? or it smells. Like A LOT of people do that. WHATS WRONG WITH ME. Doctors are a no no for me.

I shower as best s I can and I use soap
wear deodorant.

and also maybe you're not effectively showering. do you actually wash your body or do you just stand in the shower getting wet?

Edit: nevermind, I didn't read that last part.
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You're in the pit.

How old are you?
Puberty increases sweat production.

Make sure you get soap everywhere and not to sound rude,but if you're obese make sure you spend a lot more time cleaning yourself.
Change your clothes, wear deodorant, brush your teeth, etc. And use a washcloth for the soap, not just your hands.
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Maybe you need a chemical shower, i strongly suggest Hydrochloric Acid or NaOH

Are you actaully farting though?
Its okay to tell the pit.
It's your feet.
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maybe its the clothes you are wearing, if they have a funny odor that could spread to others.
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