I know, I know. It's another one of these topics...but here's the short of it.

Strat, vintage trem, locking sperzel tuners, three springs in the trem cavity that make a triangle.

Just switched the strings to D'Addario .09-.42 and now the strings are completely flat against the fretboard. They won't even tune to tension, since I think the locking tuners make it so I don't need to wind strings as much (if at all.)

Any idea as to what the frig is goin' on?
I basically can't since the tuners are designed for minimal string wraps around the post. :/
Also, I've just discovered that adding/taking out springs in the back of the body makes no difference whatsoever. Neither does raising or lowering the bridge using the same springs.

I'm really stumped.
Wow, after bringing my guitar into the shop, it turns out that I attached the neck incorrectly, creating a small gap in-between the body and the neck of the guitar.

The shop worker then took my guitar in the back and adjusted it for me. Its completely fine now, besides the action being slightly high. After I work with it some later tonight, I'll update you guys if there's any issue.