OK guys, I am very fond of bass instructional videos. I have already watched those by Billy Sheehan, John Myung, Larry Garham and Victor Wooten. Now does anybody have any suggestions? I'm open to all genres.

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I've never learned a thing from intuctional videos. I dunno what it is about it. But I never seem to learn anything from them (other than how to fail at double thumbing. Thanks Vic)
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Stu Hamm has several good ones. And check out Rocco Prestia's fingerstyle funk video. I think there are portions of it out on Youtube. And Larry Graham - Funk Bass Attack is great as well.
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And Larry Graham - Funk Bass Attack is great as well.

Yeah, I saw that one, by the way thanks for the suggestions on Stu Hamm and Rocco Prestia, I am going to look them up.