So, I've been recording a lot of my original acoustic-electric stuff, which is in fact, much comparable to Dallas Green's solo project: City and Colour and Wade MacNeil's solo project: Black Lungs.
I've been using the standrad tuning (E B G D A E) a lot. I know that Drop D is of a lower tuning and thats the kind of sound I want, my only problem is, I want something heavier, but not really too heavy...like not Drop C heavy, but heavy enough, if you get my drift.
So....recommend a tuning...?
A few extra low notes aren't going to add much to the heaviness of the music. The main factor in heaviness is phrasing. No particular scale or chords will make it heavy, but its how things are used. You'd probably be best to stay in standard as that will keep your string tension good, it is familiar, and it won't annoy other musicians.

Drop-D and Drop-C are "heavier" because they facilitate the fast use of powerchords, replacing single notes with them. Powerchords are much fuller than single notes, but do not have a different tonality, and since they are easier to play in drop tunings, these tunings are "heavier".

You can also try fiddling around with the tone you are using on your amp/guitar, or write darker lyrics, as are generally easier to write heavy music too.

Heaviness does NOT come from tunings

I personally use a bass for lower notes.
If you don't have a clue what tuning you should be using then you shouldn't really be considering using alternative tunings.

By all means experiment with other tunings if you feel that something's lacking or you've exhausted the possibilitites of standard, but there's little point asking a bunch of people what tuning to use. You should be discovering what works for yourself, your music will be a lot more natural that way.
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