so im wanting to get a fender for my blues guitar and im wondering if i should get the tele or a strat. im all so wondering if the trem is as complacted as the floating trems on ibanez rg's cause i had one and it was a pain in ass so im hoppen these will be easier. currently i have a gibson sg faded and a line 6 spider 3 120 and please dont say get a new amp i love it to death and i still need it for my thrash stuff. so if yall could help me choose i would appreciate it

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I'd say Strat, though I'd test drive both at a local store, see what you like more...but you see a lot of blues guys with strats. Not that you don't see them with teles or anything, just saying.

Oh, and get a new amp.


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the line 6 is a decent amp. i use it for recording and practice. as for which guitar. i really perfer the telecaster as the body has more wood and the pickup don't buzz like crazy. for blues the telecaster definitely sounds better. do you have a specific tele model in mind?
I like Telecaster's alot better. Some are just drop dead gorgeous also.

EDIT: Blues on a Spider.
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I prefer Tele's, though depending on the budget, you could probably find a 5w tube amp and a Tele. *cough*Squier Classic Vibe Tele*cough*
I have a tele and a spider, its great for rock as a practice amp, but for blues, running it through my VJ is where its at!
Go for the tele, a MIM or Squire classic vibe will serve you well.
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if you want a twangier sound get a tele, if not get the strat. You probably won't be able to hear much of a difference through that line 6 though, it probably won't matter.
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i hear strats are better for a rock sound sound while teles seemed better suited for blues/country styles. but you do see more blues/jazz with strats so i dunno...
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I prefer Tele's, though depending on the budget, you could probably find a 5w tube amp and a Tele. *cough*Squier Classic Vibe Tele*cough*
Brilliant!!! ... completely forgot about the Classic Vibe Squiers because GC still doesn't have them. Coupled with an Epi Valve Junior @ $150, sandman-105 can have both the Tele and the Strat that he needs!