Im new to guitar and im having trouble finding some good easy tabs other than Smoke on the water and crazy train could anyone reconmend me some with links?
i dont have any links try this site but osme of the other songs i leared first were:
Living Loving Maid-Led Zeppelin(Only some parts)
American Idiot-Green Day
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look up some black sabbath,
you can play single note or power chords if you're ready

well since most people just repeat the same song suggestions, i recommend 'sign of the cross' by iron maiden, the intro is ultra easy!

plus, u wont find that in any beginner recommendation threads (that ive seen anyway)
i'm pretty sure there's a whole thread dedicated to beginner songs
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look man
i'm a beginner too in the guitar thing
i'm only play it 4 two weeks
i learn these songs they were easy 4 me
and i thing they will be easy 4 u too
u have Ode To Joy from Ludwig Van Beethoven
u'll find it quite easy to handle
and watch this video it will help u out
and if u have any easy tabs
tell me it
cause i too need help like u
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Spend some time learning to paly the guitar before worrying about tabs.

Learn to tune it, learn the notes that your open strings play, learn some open chords and then look for some simple songs that use them.
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