My guitar is a standard dreadnought and there is a place where you can put the guitar strap on the right side of it. So where should put the other end of the strap in the guitar? Maybe the around tuners? Will that mess up the guitar anyway? or maybe not since the guitar came with only one strap thing.
Tie it under the strings with string, or get one of those acoustic guitar strap clips.

Edit: I use something like this, but it has 2 pieces instead of one.
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Tying a shoelace around the head of the neck under the strings and attatchingit to your strap works or you can also take it to yourlocal shop and they should beableto drill a hole in the neck near the body and put in a strap button i do this myself and it is real simple but have a pro do it cause it i also easy to mess up.
my guitar is the same way. you can either tie a string around the headstock under the strings or get a strap button drilled into your guitar. i actually got a really cool quick-release setup so that i could take the strap off easily and not have to drill into my guitar. heres the link...

quick release

thing works like a charm.
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Either buy a strap that ties up areound the headstock or get a second strap button installed on your guitar.
the shoe string sound pretty promising and cheap!
ive been bugging to buy a strap, but not willing to dish out cash for like a leather one.
i also wanted to put on another strap button, but i dont feel like screwing in one...
too afraid to mess up the guitar
^--If you're only concern is making a mistake you could get someone qualified to do it.
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^--If you're only concern is making a mistake you could get someone qualified to do it.

Absolutely. I had strap buttons installed on a Martin D-28 and a Yamaha FG730s at my local guitar shop(which is an authorized Martin service center). I think it was something like $15 a piece.