I'm looking to buy a new amp. I have $1000NZD, thats about $800USD. But I can stretch it a little.

I'm mostly into metal(like Metallica), so a metal amp is in order, but I also like to play stuff like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. So maybe I'd need some pedals too. Though, if I had to choose between which kind of sound I want, I'd choose metal.

I don't gig. But a friend of mine will be getting a drum kit soon so I'll be jamming with him often.

I've done some reading around and I'm thinking either the Randall RG50TC or Peavey Valve King 212.

What do you guys reccomend?
randall or b-52, not a fan of the valveking's that are bigger then the 1x12
I was having a chat with the guy at the music store, he said to have a look at the Vox ad30vt(or something like that, can't remember the exact name). He said it's a hybrid. At first, I was gonna get a SS or Hybrid, but I've decided to go full tube.

So I've been leaning towards the Randall for a while now, so that is most likely what I'll be getting, but I've heard that cleans aren't that great from it. Once I get it, if I'm not happy with the cleans, what pedal would you reccomend?

Also, just curious, why should valveking's bigger than 1x12 be avoided?
Well, if you short on cash and need anew amp quick (like I did) the 112 is a godsend. But, if you have enough money for the bigger ones, there are better amps for the price.
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It's hard to make the cleans on an amp better. My advice is this, avoid the vox, it's a good amp but it's a practice amp. Second, try the randall and try the b-52. From what I've heard the randall has decent cleans, but the b-52 has some pretty good cleans. They are both known for doing metal very well.
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