Hey guys, recently i've been pissed at my technique. It all seems so sloppy and unclean and unstable. I cant pick my low e string for **** and when i run though scales i hear ugly noises, so i decided to rebuild my foundations. Here is what i plan to do:

All warm-ups will be stretching and chromatic stuff

Week 1:
Picking: Work on individual strings using these 4 exercises

One note accenting on every down beat


Raining Blood Riff


Those two are 16th notes goal is 120 bpm

Paul Gilbert-esque licks



Those two are sextuplets goal is 100 bpm

Legato: Go through Rusty Cooley's "The Legato Workout"

Theory: Work on William Leavitts book for sight reading
Practice CAGED
Learn a new key of a scale
Memorize the notes on guitar COLD (using the octave system is too slow)

Repetoire: Learn something new, be it a song, jazz standard, or lick
Cool off: put on a backing track and just jam
Week 2:
Picking: Connect every pair of adjacent strings using these 2 exercises:

Paul Gilbert-esque lick

Sextuplets goal is 120 bpm

3nps lick


quintuplets goal is 120

Everything else stays the same
week 3:
picking : 3 note per string scales and permutations of it
Everything else stays the same

Notice how it doesnt say how long i should work on each thing for. I practice based on goals. Some people might say, why learning all that scales and stuff and my reason is because i plan to try out for jazz band next year. And then How does everyone think of this? does it sound reasonable? discuss anything i should change or anything regarding practicing better.
Well, it all looks good. What are your current skills right now? Your "stats" if you will. Just don't get discouraged if you can't make a goal. It might take you longer than expected. It took me about 3-4 months of constant practice to get good at sweep picking. Also, try sweep picking, it's always a good time to start.
one thing you might want to do if you are getting bad background noise while playing scales is to work on muting the lower strings that you arnt playing with your picking hand. It may take some getting used to to not mute the strings you are playing but youll get it down soon enough and that should help.
I dont know to list my "stats". but for sweep picking, i've done it a bit and can do it fine. just not fast or even moderatley fast
You don't really need to learn all the scales if you want to try out for a jazz band. What you should learn is how to build chords anywhere on the neck by being able to know what notes are in the chord by site, and maybe learn some move able shapes of 7th, 9th, 13th, ect chords. Also put some ear training exercises and be sure to listen to the music you hope to make progress in a lot! Good luck!
12 fret fury
that's the way to do it. just go slow and make sure everything is 100% clean.