Anyone here think that playing Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band on expert modes would help your speed work for real guitar playing?

EDIT: I don't have GH3 or Rock Band btw.
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i can do trills, hammer ons, pull offs, and gallops alot better now. playing raining blood all the time will help a bit haha
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coordination-wise you mean? possibly. but it wouldn't necesscarily help with fast pull-off stuff because you're not recreating the technique.
Omg, Tell Me You"re Not being Serious Asking A Question Like That.
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sorry man hate to tell you this but it doesn't work for speed
practice will help your speed
get a fast song
play it slowly until you master it and then slowly build its speed
best way to build speed
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Nope, the techniques required look and seem similar, but comparing them directly you will find fundamental differences in both the picking and fretting aspects. All you'll get from playing GH3 or Rock Band that will possibly help you on real guitar are stronger fingers/hands/wrists.
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maybe, but it would turn u into a fag in the process

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itll help your finger strength and dexterity, but not as much as actually playing guitar will... muscle development and memory is better when you are doing the actual function over and over though, so really playing guitar would be better.
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My God, what is with the people capitalizing the first letter of every word? That **** does NOT look neater than a correctly written paragraph.

To OP: The only things I could possibly see related are that it may help with hand/eye coordination.
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I find it worsens my playing

true. i played GH3 for a long time. and when i finaly got back to my playing. i coulndt do alot of stuff i used to be able to do
Why ask a question like that? Even if it did, would u play guitar hero more to get better a real guitar? Quit wasting ur time and learn the real deal not a lame substitute (not saying gh sux here)
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I find it helps me, I actually like the game. Helps my hand/eye coordination, which sucks. And what I really like is when my bro is playing the song and I play it with him on my guitar.
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i hear learning to do expert drums on rock band is a good start to playing real drums
I don't know but if you want to experiment, use Rock Band. The guitar feels more like a real guitar then Guitar Hero
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GH and other guitar simulators will help your dexterity, there's no doubting it. Actual guitar technique? Probably not. But your fingers will be faster and stronger.
No. It's a video game, that's all. Has nothing to do with actually playing guitar.
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you do realize that theres been several threads on this....

and TS- no. guitar hero or rock band will definately not improve your musical skill in any way, other than maybe keeping rhythm?...
Whenever I play GH, the rhythm of the son doesn't correspond to the buttons, i dunno if its because its on easy or medium difficulty but it definately hasn't helped me

Just play real guitar
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