I got a Electroharmonix Holy Stain for my birthday, and ive been messing around with the settings. The reverb and tremolo works fantastic, but the pitch shift and the distortion sound horrible. Its plugged right into my amp, a Spider II. Is it because my amp already has effects and distortion built-in, or because my pedal sucks, or something else? Im stumped.
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Hmm, a Spider II, eh? Nope, can't think of ANY reason it sounds bad.
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Hmm, a Spider II, eh? Nope, can't think of ANY reason it sounds bad.

yeah. this. he's being sarcastic if you can't tell.
also, if you're already using distortion then double distortion just sounds aweful. never do that. make sure you're on clean. then get a new amp when you got the money for tube. if not, then it's something to play with

i used to play pedals through my old SS crate MX10 and it doesn't compare to when you have tube.
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