I've been playing electric for about a year, and I wanted to know this site's opinion about a good first acoustic guitar, Im thinking the Martin DX1, is this a good choice?
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How much do you want to spend? The DXs aren't looked upon favorably around here -- for that price you can get a nice all-solid acoustic. Check out the Epiphone Masterbilt series -- great guitars!
and of course theres me here that swears by takamines. especially for players that are used to electric because of the thin necks...
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Yeh, not really a good choice. They have issues with durability. Theres much better out there for the same money.
my friend brought over his dx1 and i have a masterbilt dr500r .. they are almost the same price and the dx1 was crappy .. even my old yamaha fg730s sounded better .. and the neck is some weird looking wood . and the body is recycled sawdust .,. its not worth it man .. do yourself a favor and look into the masterbilts .. beautiful playing guitars
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