Been playing self taught for a little over a year and a half and I'm starting lessons either next Wednesday or one after that. Found a pretty good guy who knows a lot and gonna start taking blues rock lessons. I'm super psyched cuz I think its gonna really help take my playing to the next level.
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congrats dude. i taught myself for awhile and then got lessons and let me tell you that they are 100 percent worth it. good luck
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Awesome man. I need to find someone myself. I've had my guitar for about 10 months but really only gotten seriously into learning to play it over the last 3 or 4.
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Smart plan.I should have started lessons a long time ago.
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I taught myself for like 6 or 7 months...I got up to a point where I could alternate pick relatively good and then I got lessons...he's taught me a lot of theory so far...sadly due to school I have little time to practice
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I love teachers. They teach you new tricks and correct bad habits, very useful.
Lessons are great. Be sure to set aside a hour everyday to practice the things a teacher shows.. That's a minimum to get your money's worth.
I was just like you and when I got my teacher ( BTW he shows no emotion) and he made me so much better. Before I thought it was impossible to play the Riff in crazy train (the one after the intro) and after one lesson mastered that riff of course now im a lot better and realize I sucked.
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I'm starting lessons in September. I can't wait, seeing as how I haven't progressed much by self-teaching myself.
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