what are some good black metal bands (feel free to twist that sentence into a joke for some lulz) that are similar to Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth. i hate bands that are so un-melodic that my ears hurt after listening to them (Cannibal Corpse). but the bands i mentioned before use lots of dynamics and stuff for extra epicness. so anyway start naming bands or songs! or both preferrably
Satyricon - King. Is a really good song
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Early Behemoth

Behemoth's album "Demigod" is one of my favorites, but that's more black/death.

Try Deathspell Omega. I've got the Kenose EP and it's pretty good. I've heard good things about Mirrorthrone's latest album, but I haven't heard it myself.
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what a coincedence, I'm listening to Deathspell Omega right now. So..them, Burzum, Drudkh, Wolves in the throne room, Windir, Darkthrone, Vesperian Sorrow, Dissection, Enthroned, Thus defiled, Nazgul, Summoning.
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Ugh, Cradle Of Filth, best black metal band of all time I think? haha. (Please someone catch the sarcasm)
On topic now, Deffinitely try some Mirrorthrone, Windir or Dissection.
Blinded By Faith
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Early Ulver
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slipknot...nah jk no flaming please! I don;t got much death metal but for some toher stuff like As I Lay Dying or Chimaira

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You might like Walking the Cadaver. My friend just showed them to me, not to bad.

1. it's *Waking the cadaver
2. they're not black metal at all, they're deathcore
3. they're very bad
4. are you being sarcastic?
Arcturus, listening to them now. Awesome circus style avant garde.
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black metal that sounds like Cradle of Filth? there isn't any because CoF ain't black metal.

I've been listening to Enslaved a lot lately, they are very melodic. Marduk is also good.
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well heres an update of what i liked:
Marduk Steel INferno
Sayricon- King
Mirrorthrone Mortphose
Vesperian Sorrow- Solitude
Dissection - Where Dead Angels Lie
Enthroned - Vortex of Confusion
DragonLord- Until The End
Blinded by Faith - Triumph of Treachery

Immortal (this video sums it up stupid video)
Thus Defiled (DREAM RAPER!!!)
Summoning (lord of the rings nerds)

these ones ill be doing a little more research on

Deathspell Omega
Wolves in the throne room
bathory (black?)
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black metal that sounds like Cradle of Filth? there isn't any because CoF ain't black metal.

then what genre would you call them? theyre pretty black to me
Borknagar are progressive black metal kinda, but I don't think they've had the same singer for more than two albums in a row. Nonetheless their self titled through Empiricism are awesome, I've'nt listened to their newer two much.
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And you bastard that video is made of win.

i think that any black metal band who makes me laugh, and not whimper in the corner out of fright... fails, COF is bad for that when Dani introduces songs live, they blow live by the way.