ok any help with it would be really cool. The stanza that starts with mimic is a diffent flow than the rest of the song so it's like that for a reason. But other than that any info on how i could improve it would be much appreciated. Thnx

The Stone,
it calls out my name.
It speaks of a place
it's torment it's pain.
Personifying,the own life we've slain.
Speak of disease, but we're here to stay.

Suffering it always seems we do.
Won't take this, i've seen enough haven't you?
Why can't we live in a silent vow, why can't we just see the truth?
Why does it always seem it's only happening to you?

Why x10

And he laughs
at our life style.
He speaks of God
and how he's a liar.
He tells me nothing
he has seen has looked so pitiful.

Well i'm not the one
holding my head up so high
when i'm already sinking in

Mimic all his lines
Silver tongue,hearts begun to finally stop it's beat.
Just like the little feeble child, walk the line and all the while
pushed aside until you see the pushed aside are far from week.
The pain inside is how you should feel any way.

He tells me Why?
Do you need t o know
Just know it is happening
Just know that I won't go away.

He asks me why?