so i've decided to get a strat but i have 3 questions before im 100% sold on em 1) how easy is it to change the strings cause i had an ibanez with a floating trem for a while but when i changed the strings the trem system got all screwed up so im wondering how easy it is. 2) which strat around $350-$600 is best for a bluesey rock kind of sound.3)mapel or rose wood neck. currently i have a gibson SG faded and a line 6 spider 3 120 and please DON'T reccomend a new amp cause i love my spider
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okay i wont recommend a new amp...
1) it's easier to restring. trust me. it's like stringing a fixed bridge.
2)get a fender strat or a higher end squier.
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any of the mim will suit you fine. it's super easy to change strings. you will need to play to see if you like the maple or rosewood.
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