Ok so on MyCokeRewards, they have a gift card for Adidas, I'd like to get for my g/f for her birthday, I think it'd be really cool, problem is i'm 200 points short (caps worth three, 12 packs worth 10, 24 packs worth 20) and her b-day is in exactly one month (since it just went to 12:00 am here)...

I'll never make it on my own, I only drink Powerades, and only when I play sports, which is only on Mondays and Sundays...

I KNOW some of you drink cokes, if you could save the codes and post em here, it'd be a great help.

And yeah, I'm prepared, I know there's gonna be made up codes, and stuff directed negatively at me, so don't expect me to be surprised...if I could get even 1 code, I'd be happy.


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Use the ONLY ONLY "I want all of your fake CokeRewards codes for my own personal use" thread.

Don't you know that?


ampEDIT: wouldn't you want them PM'd anyway? That way they can't be copped.
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I don't use them, and I drink a ton of Coke. Caffiene addiction whoo!

Of course, I'll have to know if it's worthwhile. You say it's for a girl? Is she hot?

Just kidding. I'll see about giving you a hand. When's your deadline?
go buy enough cokes to have enough points, then get her the gift card. then you have a couple days to have a coca cola chug fest
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You should get people to Pm them since there is probably some losers lurking around here that would love to steal the codes people think are going to you.
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you should probably ask for PM's instead....

but why don't you just buy a bunch of coke/powerade for later and save up all the points?
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Id give you codes if i had them, but im more of an Irn-Bru person sorry man, buy hey, can you just find a coder online to help you out