I need someone's suggestions on some great software for recording multiple tracks, the kind that has different amp models and effects pedals.. anywhere from like.. 80 dollars to 150 dollars or 200 if its that good. Doesn't matter if it needs added cards to the computer. I just want to be able to record my songs, add a lead and bass guitar to them, or even drums would be good too. I know the good ones are going to be expensive as hell but after getting my new LTD F-400 and my 100 watt ValveKing half stack I'm on a budget lol. Thank you in advance.
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modeling software like Gearbox and Amplitube are ok but you erally will never get close to the real thing IMO..

Get a cheap bass if you can and DI it to the interface.

look around some. The toneports are fair for the price but the preamps are iffy and so are the vista drivers. If you spend more for something under the PreSonus name you will most likely be happier in the end.
Firewire will be able to multi track but USB 2.0 such as the E-mu 0202 or 0404 are good enough for home studios with one person recording.

Cakewalk Sonar makes some good lower budget packs
Reaper and Audacity are popular as well
If you want top notch features, spend more but ProTools isnt needed in a home studio IMO and most studios dont need high priced software.

Tweaks guide, linked in my sig, is a good page to read though.
Question about the E-MU 0202, whats the difference between it and the Line 6 Toneport thing? Also the E-MU can be used with any software right? They're basically just the hardware and can be used with other software, just the link between the guitar and computer? Correct?