So, as soon as I sell my car, and pay off some bills, I think I want to build myself a guitar! I already have everything planned out, except what pickups to use. I've been doing a bunch of research on different pickups, and I think I really enjoy the style of the alumitone singles. I understand how they work and all that, but I don't have any experience playing them!

So my question is, would alumitones be good for bright, crisp cleans and light, bluesy overdrive? Also, what do y'all think about an HSS setup with 2 alumitone singles with a gibson classic '57 (maybe plus?) bucker incase I decide to let loose and rock out?

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I dont think you'll get much help here about the Alumitone, its not gonna be a common pickup choice to people on this site.

Maybe check Harmony Central for some reviews.

Best I can offer you, sorry.

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