I have just changed the strings on my stratocaster and during the string stretching process the high e string snapped. They were a fresh set of .009 Daddarios too. The closest store only sells Ernie Ball strings for singles so would it be ok if I replace the high e string with a Ernie Ball .009 string? That would make my guitar have all the EADGB with Daddarios and only the high e have Ernie Ball. BTW does guitarcenter sell single Daddario strings?
Thanks in Advance

Edit: The Daddarios were nickel wound super light guage strings and the Ernie Ball says on the cover of the single packaging material: Custom Guage 9 Electric or Acoustic Guitar String 1009
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string brands really don't matter dude, they're all the same thing. some are a little nicer, or have different coatings on them but they all do the same thing.

so yes, replace the string with an ernie ball single and no guitar center doesn't sell d'addario singles, that i know of.
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At my GC, I saw where they keep the single strings. It's an organized bin of single string packs, and from what I saw, there were mixed packs with blue and red printing on them. (D'addario single packs have blue print, and Ernie Ball have red print). If they don't have D'addario singles, putting an Ernie Ball on wouldn't matter.