Everything's Okay

So why do people hate?
It only brings them pain
And why do I just wait
For a reason to complain?
We're all just drifting by
We're all drifting away
So please don't ask me why
I drift the other way

But I'm still trying
But I'm still trying

So why do people die?
It only brings us pain
And why do I still try
To make myself insane?
Well I'm the one who cry's
I'm the one who sees
But lets all close our eyes
And lets all make believe

That we're all flying
That we're all flying

Things can't get much worse
Well I guess I'll be the
First to say
Everything's okay

So why are you crying?
So why are you crying?
Everything's okay
I'd rather be hated for who I am, then loved for who I am not
-Kurt Cobain
very very good, just change on thing, in the last long section, change
And lets all make believe to And lets JUST make believe, well i would
When I was in highschool 4 or 5 years ago my history teacher crapped herself (she had a problem, she was wearing dippers and all that but damn it was retarded and funny as hell).

You could hear the farts all over the classroom, lol.