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Guitarists, what pick size do you use?
I use .72mm and 2mm picks
Mesa Single Rectifier
Marshall 1960A vintage
Rg3exfm1 w/ EMG 85/81
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Ibanez TS808
No idea.
Usually of the thicker species.
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I don't use a pick, I use my penis, which is a decent nine inches.
I usually don't use a pick, cause I play Eugen Hutz style usually, but when I do need a pick for electric and whatnot, anything around 1.00, I'll go .15 above or below.
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i just found a classic brown fender Heavy, any1 know what thickness that is?
Mesa Single Rectifier
Marshall 1960A vintage
Rg3exfm1 w/ EMG 85/81
Big Baby Taylor Acoustic
Ibanez TS808
2cm picks.

That's right.

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2cm picks.

That's right.


just reading that I picked up a battery (square kind) and tried to play with it... it worked
Mesa Single Rectifier
Marshall 1960A vintage
Rg3exfm1 w/ EMG 85/81
Big Baby Taylor Acoustic
Ibanez TS808
Dunlop .88 (the green one)
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Marshall 1960A
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Jazz III - 1.38 mm

best picks in the world

fender heavy
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.77 (or .79, I don't know).

I've recently got this 3mm pick, it's made for guitar, it's very small, made by dunlop, it has grips on it, it's actually pretty cool to play with.
The yellow Tortex picks.
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dunlop nylon 1mm
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Mandolin, size and thickness little less than a silver dollar.

Ha, mando picks rule. I use like a 2.5mm or something.

For guitar I stick with my .88 Dunlop Tortex (greens).
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There's the .88 brand unknown. The tip is pretty well worn in though, it's brilliant.
Then theres the purple Dunlop that I have no clue about.
And then there's 10p coin. Used only as a last resort or when I feel like wanting the thimble-y string tapping/sliding but can't find the damn thimble/CBA to get it.
A 3mm Dunlop Stubbie Pick

I used to use Fender picks (Heavy/Extra Heavy) Then I tried a Dunlop Stubbie and I haven't gone back since, I sound a lot better and have better tone with Stubbies
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I use Ice-Pix brass picks, not sure of the thickness, and 1.14 mm Fender Delrin picks
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0.96 - 2mm tortex with the croc on it
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well i use this D'Andrea XXH 1.5 mm pick on my electric which is good for some of the metal i play
when im on my acoustic though i use this Jim Dunlop M-L green pick
and this is my favorite guitar pick
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Dunlop tortex, no clue the size I think it was around .75mm but the numbers have worn off from my fingers. My other pick is a dunlop 1.5mm, so beefy.
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