Hey, I'm working on getting a better practice routine shaped up and I was wondering what you all thought about it.

WarmUp (stretch/reviewdaybefore)
Scales, Arpeggios, Chords (Memorize/Circle5th4th/Standards)
Improvisation (BIAB/Jazz Class Books)
Sight Reading (Classes/Melodies)
Ear Training (Classes/Friend)
Repertoire (AllGenres)
Jazz (Melody/Progression/Harmonize/Solo/Improv)
Theory (Berklee Classes)
Composing, Songwriting, Recording (Transcribe/Sonar)
Classical (Don't need to layout that routine)

Is there any better way to organize it? Also, I was thinking about having a section purely devoted to technique (speed/accuracy), but I'm not sure I want it. My goal is around 150bpm (I don't need to shred). My question is can I reach that speed with the other things I am doing. Ex. Some Charlie Parker leads to build technique without boring or doing some lame technique drills. Would it make a big difference if I set aside a session of picking exercises, or can you just develop the speed with other things like scale work and transcribed solos.
just inch up the bpm on your metronome while practicing, sight reading, improvising, or whatever. Works for me
That's quite a bit... I would shorten the list and work on a few concentrated subjects a week/day. Depending on how much time you put into it.
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you don't HAVE to do technique exercises, but i think you'll find when working on a solo that you'll have to isolate parts of it in order to get it all up to speed. those isolated parts would then become the equivalent of technique exercises, so there's not really a way around it. either way, practicing technique is never a bad thing.

overall your practice routine does have quite a bit in it, as jasonmetal stated, i would probably try and narrow it down so that you work on one or two things everyday and then rotate the rest on a day-by-day basis, e.g. theory on monday, improv on tues, repertoire on wed, etc. unless you have 8-9hours a day, then that practice routine would be pretty damn good.
Yep, I'm about ten hours a day. On top of what you see there I have one for classical guitar with repertoire, sight reading, 120s, and scales. Then I have piano, but that isn't as long as this by any means.