Hello i play an Ibanez rg370dx. I got this guitar setup at the shop ( new strings and everything ) a couple months ago, and ive never tuned it. So i take out my tuner and try to tune this bad buy even though it holds its tone well and when it shows up as sharp or flat and i turn the tuning pegs nothing changes. Is it soposed to be like this? Im not too good with floating bridges so im not sure

i feel really dumb for asking this but whatever.
you have to use the fine tuners, the tuners on the headstock are behind the nut, so they aren't going to be able to change the tuning.
unlock the locking system at the headstock
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you can tune it at the floating bridge too, depending on your guitar..... that or unscrew the locking nut
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haha dude, i pulled the wrench to take off the locking nuts cause i knew thats how i had to do it but they were on really tight so i thought id ask. haha thanks guys

now im gonna go fap to make myself feel better
Haha don't worry, I was at Guitar Center the other day playing a bunch of guitars. I was playing one with a floyd rose and I wanted to tune down to drop D and I couldn't figure out how so I was just like f this I'll just stay in standard.

I've been playing for three years now, I just don't know shet about guitar hardware.