Anybody know of a good amp tech in the Los Angeles area?
I called the AMP SHOP in Sherman Oaks for a referral and the guy that answered the phone was an idiot (and I think he said he owned the place).

I've got a sick 1977 100 watt Marshall head modified by Jose Arrendondo that needs some serious diagnostic work. This head is extremely rare and needs somebody familiar with Jose's work. Jose modded Eddie Van Halen's early Marshall amps and James Hetfield's 100 watt Marshall from the KILL 'EM ALL LP.

Theres a legendary amp tech named AL FEDERICI from Thousand Oaks California.
Anyone know how to get in touch with him?

If you can get out to Oxnard in California, try talking to Jay Collison. He's done work on amps for like 30 years I think. I went in there once and somebody brought in a Hiwatt signed by the founder of the company.

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Jose never modded EVH's amps. He did basic maintenance and Ed said he did mods to drum up business as well as to throw people off track who were chasing his tone. this is right from the horse's mouth

EDIT: Out of interest, what is wrong with it?