Muikoma Handcrafted Guitars - Custom Paintjobs - Choose whatever hardware you want


Up for sale are 2 new guitars that we've just finished and are currently in the clearcoating phase.

We have not routed for pickups yet so whoever buys them can get exactly what they want.

In these pictures they only have a couple of clearcoats on. They will be getting a lot more coats and plenty of buffing and they will be flawless when they're done.

They both have ebony fretboards under the tape, with 2-way adjustable truss rods. Worm one has white pearl dot inlays, worm two has no inlays. All parts except for wood was purchased from stewmac.

They both have maple necks and poplar bodies.

I have graphtech nuts that I plan to install on them but you can obviously get whatever you want. I also have 3x3 black satin sprezels for them but again you can get whatever you want.

Price will depend on what hardware you want. We are not looking to charge an arm and a leg here, prices will be very reasonable considering.

More pics will be posted as we go, I just wanted to get these out there so that we can find who these are meant for.

Worm two has a carved top and back, worm one doesnt.

They have fender style heastocks, with a red oak piece glued on the back.

Set necks Ormbsy style (thanks Perry for the awesome video's, you helped me teach myself how to build)

And thanks to everyone who bought a pickguard, that's how we funded this whole thing.

If you are near Toronto yes you can stop by and check them out.

A lot of love and care has gone into these. I (Mike) built them, and Charlene painted them.

They will come with hardcases and a book documenting the process.

Please ask questions, we can also be e-mailed at

I think thats all for now



amazingly stunning

i really wanna have you build me a guitar
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cool, we're down.

tomorrow i build worm one and make a video of it being played

I'm sure they're lovely guitars, and nothing against your workmanship, which is probably great, but I think they look hideous. Just my opinion. But good luck in selling them. General concensus so far is that they're nice, so you should find a buyer.
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