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All from my JOB
34 30%
All from my PARENTS
23 21%
From both but more from my JOB
29 26%
From both but more from my PARENTS
16 14%
both equally.
10 9%
Voters: 112.
So, I was just wondering was the guitar rig that you currently have bought by you from the job that you have or by your parents?

I know is a weird question but it is important to me...

There is no right or wrong answer.

poll coming.
one of my guitars was given to me as a gift by my mom, the rest of the stuff I bought with my money, or traded stuff for it.
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Little of both but mostley me
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Electric + wah pedal from me, distortion pedal and acoustic from parents.
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I've paid for everything, besides a gutiar body that was given to me, which i had refurbished.
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mixture of the 2
my parents are willing to pay half for some stuff:P
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My dad bought my SG, PRS ( I feel bad about that one), and my Fender amp for me. I bought my Epi, Peavey, Taylor, Vox, and Roland.
first guitar and amp from parents but i bought everything after that
partly job, but more from my parents through x-mas and birthday money
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I bought my Ibanez and my bass, my parents got me my amp, they bought a pedal, I bought a pedal and a patch cable, my friend got me one cable, they got me the other.

I spent the most money, and even if I sold it all I wouldn't have enough for my damn Caparison.

I can't afford any of my gear in Jamaica because EVERYTHING IS MARKED UP TO HELL.

For example, my Valveking cost $718 US ($300 on top of its normal cost) out here and that's with a discount.
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I bought my first guitar and amp myself. Like a year and a half later after i was still playing with my ****ty setup my dad got me a really nice guitar and a 1/2 stack that i use now. Ive had it for maybe a year now and i still take ridiculously good care of it. I buy my own pedals, cables, and strings etc etc though
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I used my college money....
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One of my guitars and my biggest amp I bought using my bonus bond money my parents invested for me, the rest including one guitar, a microcube, ~£500 worth of pedals and a toneport came out my own pocket.

I hope to buy a replacement for my old cheapo guitar this year (or next).
everything expect my first guitar and amp it was gift for christmas
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im to young to get a job so all from my parents

which is 1 bass and 1 amp
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I've payed about £175 towards my gear but my parents have paid a lot more than that.

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