Emmure, A Life Once Lost, Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, and Veil of Maya.

the demo on the site doesnt do justice it was recorded a long time ago and are recording our full length starting in october. the sound has completely changed. we have played really big shows we just got back from ridglea theater in ft. worth tx which had some big sponsors like rockstar energy drink and rolling rock beer. we've presold over 180 tickets for our next show saturday.

The music is pretty cool, but the guitar tone on them is pretty mediocre and hopefully has been changed or will be changed soon. From a non-guitar player point of view, I probably wouldn't notice these things, so most of your fans probably wouldn't notice it.

Cleans are pretty decent though, distortion is just way too fizzy and harsh.

Your singer isn't bad for being both a singer and screamer, usually you only get one or the other

Also, I REALLY think you guys should ditch the stage names. For me, it just makes you guys sound extremely cheesy and if I were a record label looking to sign bands, I wouldn't even bother since it's already done with all the nu-metal bands like Slipknot, etc. You call yourselves unique, but by having stage names like that it just makes it seem less serious imo.
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

its really good! liking all aspects of your songs.

btw did someone really get sereno rox tattooed on their wrist?
a few people have our trumpet logo tatted on them. but no that was just written on her wrist. lol thanks!