I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. I know basses. I have an acceptable but improvable grip on my techniques. Etc... one thing

I don't know my amps too well :S

I've played almost exclusively through combos, several different kinds, most recently the Ampeg BA115... Sounds great, reliable, etc...but...not big enough anymore.

After thinking about this thread, and re-thinking what I would do, I came to a conclusion for my upgrade, and I think I got the ohmms impedance thing figured out...

I'm think an SWR WorkingPro 700w @ 4 ohm head to a Warwick 611 Pro 900w 4 ohm impedance head...

Enough cab for the amp, it would seem, so, 2 things.
1: Would anyone have any screaming-points that would lead me to believe this is NOT a good idea or that there are far better combinations for the price...
and #2: How much of an area could I cover with this? I'd be playing both in auditorium-type situations and outside, but I have no idea how big of a crowd I could cover with 700w to a 900w 6x10.

So... I think this is one step above a 'shot in the dark', what do the people that know what theyre talking about think?
Obviously the first thing to do is choose whether you like the tube or solid state sound. By your SWR pick, I'm just going to give you the benefit of the doubt as far as your research goes, and say you like solid state better. If that is the case, by all means go with SWR. They are clean as hell and won't lie about your tone to the audience. But as far as solid state goes, I'm a fan of Gallien Krueger, and personally I'd go with the combo of the GK1001rb and something around the lines of a GK410RBH or your aforementioned Warwick 610. I'd even consider pushing for the GK NEO412, same league of speaker size/area and half the weight according to MF, so why not?

Your choice though, go figure.
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