Okay I've been playing guitar seriously for about a year and though i know quite a bit about guitars amps etc i dont know nothing when it comes to capos and now I've been getting into songs to play that require a capo and for writing i may want to use a capo. So whats the best capo within about 10 - 15 US dollars?
Thanks any help apperciated!

Jim Dunlop Trigger




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Thanks for the great answers but would either work for drop tunings I really dont want to have to buy two seperate ones for standard and dropped so would the tripper work for both standard and dropped?
i purchased a capo about a year ago. and i've used it a total of 0 times. actually i think my friend has had it at his house longer than mine. its totally useless...
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Yeah, the trigger has been faithful through all kinds of crazy tuning adventures that I've put it through. I've since moved on to a G7th Performance Capo, but I use the Trigger all the time regardless.
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Sweet! Its a bit more but defintely looks worth it and if it can handle all tunings would be better than buying several for all different tunings.
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Jim Dunlop Trigger


I have a chrome Jim Dunlop Trigger... Very practical, effective, and fast to place/remove.

EDIT: as far as i know, there aren't capos for different tunings, the tuning doesn't matter (feel free to correct me). The capo only changes the open string notes... So, the open string notes will be affected depending on the tuning/fret where capo is placed.
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I use a G7 capo. Best one out there.
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I use Paige capos on my guitars and banjos, they work great and are more precise than the clamp on types. You do have to spend a couple seconds turning a thumbscrew to tighten them up. I mostly use the capo on the acoustic though.