Does anyone remember or used melodramatic.com? It was huge back awhile back at least around my city. Anyway back then there was a huge melodramatic personality called cunt. We feuded and battled on that site and even AIM.

I once caught up with him at this mall I used to go to and basically laid him out in front of his transvestite friends who just watched. This was after he said he was going to kill me with his butcher knife he keeps in his purse.

This guy now goes by Jeffree Star on myspace and a music career. You might have seen him on the internet. He actually is playing Warped Tour this year.

Anyway that's all. Basically I beat the shit out of Jeffree Star.
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Yes we've all beat up a famous person or 2.
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my teacher always insults his wife.we were doing an experiment and the motor broke.he suggested he ring his wife for her to fetch one of her vibrators.i suggeted she has them cos he can't deliver the goods.he said he deliverd them in my mum
I know this thread was to share that too if you've beat up any celebrities. Just thought I'd share. But of course I get hated on by some of you.
You actually did that? +1000 man points for beating up Jeffree Star. Your next mission is to uppercut Bono and then knee him in the face multiple times.
i personally dont give a ****..... but isnt it bad to beat a woman? well..... a mutant hybrid woman? enjoy ur moments of.... fame?
Anyway that's all. Basically I beat the shit out of Jeffree Star.

Dude, i salute you
I missed Warped Tour it was the other day for my city.

This was years ago I doubt he would remember. I did talk to him on melodramatic after the incident but he blocked me shortly after.

I did feel at the time that I was doing men across the world a favor though.
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Wait TS, I remember you. Didn't you bang Bre Morgan?

Yeah. Afterwards she made him a hungry man meatloaf dinner. This guy has it all!
Miss Scourge? PM me.

I am the mistress of ManWithoutAHat . This pleases me.
Damn dude. Banging 14 yr olds, beating up trannies, eating meatloaf!!!! You do have it all