Does anyone know any really easy acoustic guitar songs?
I just started two days ago and i don't know where to start

I started by learning "Horse with no Name" by America I believe.

Nice and easy, two chords. Don't try anything too fancy with the strumming pattern until you feel ready.
Warning by Greenday - A D G D and repeat over and over,
strumming is really easy you can just strum up and down to get the jist of it
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lol i started with horse with no name too. I recommend learning house of the rising sun by the animals, as that song has many of the open chords that pop up alot in acoustic songs. Don't worry about doing the right hand patterns at first just strum the chords, then once the left hand is going smoothly, throw the right hand pattern in.
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Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl! One of the very first songs I learned, and it's a fun song to play!

Likewise, just stay basic with the strumming pattern for now, have fun!

Stupid question, but are chords that I'm learning applied to playing? As of the example at the top.
i`d say first learn a few basic chords.. such as A,C,D,E,G,and the basic minors,
I agree. Start by learning G, C9, C, D, Em, A, maybe A minor.. etc. Also learn the minor pentatonic scale, it's relatively easy. Good luck, and can't wait to hear you a year from now!
Tears in Heaven
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
Theres literally a thread every few days requesting good beginner songs. Try searching the forums.
Do youself a favor and spend the $10 on this book.

I'm a new player on an acoustic also and I went all the way through this book in about a week and a half. It starts you at the very beginning, teaches you first position notes string by string, a few basic chords, and eases you into theory so you actually start to have a clue about what you're doing, rather than just memorizing tabs from the internet.
A Womens Love by Alan Jackson Just Capo at second fret then D Em G A D Em G D Wash rinse repeat.
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