so i was wondering if any of you guys actually bring your electric guitars along with your amps to your dorms and have time to play and stuff... I just started to get into the electric guitar (been playing acoustic for 5 years) and i just bought a decent sized practice size amp, a multi effect pedal, and cables and whatnot and im planning on bringing my acoustic and all of the things i listed to my dorm... but is that too much?
Hell no it isn't! I'm in the middle of Baghdad and I've got all that. Just make sure you have headphones.
Some schools are more stringent about that than others, but if you got headphones then you should be more than fine.

And you can always crank it up on the weekends if you're roomates are cool with it (or gone )
If you're living in a dorm it's a terrible idea. They're way too small for all that useless crap.

You really don't need two guitars. Don't bring the amp and just play through the effect pedal with headphones.
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yeah i was gonna use headphones but i was scared that it wouldnt sound that great as compared to having an amp but i see from the responses that it may be a little excessive but im leaving for college soon and i just bought all this stuff and i dont want it sitting home when i just played it for the summer
The headphones won't change anything. ESPECIALLY if you're just starting on an electric. Get the head phones and practice with them.
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you could get a roland microcube or one of those 5 watt valve amps. i guess if you ask your roommates or other people in your dorm if they dont mind if it is a bit loud, it will be okay.

your college may even have music facilities including practice rooms, so you could get a louder amp and bring all your stuff, just make sure it doesnt get stolen etc, and insure your valuable gear. you also have to think about what you will do with your stuff at the end of term. if you cant transport that much, dont bring that much, or see if the college has safe storage facilities (they probably charge for this) that you can use over long breaks.
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