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leiks, i getz Fr33 $tuFfzzz...!!!!111!! (yes)
46 59%
eh....not so much...(no)
32 41%
Voters: 78.
hey guys...i was just thinking since i've been up all night and it's 4:21 in the morning right now...i really...hate my birthday. maybe it's because thus far, they've all been dissapointing in some way. or maybe it's because i just don't like myself and being put on display like that kinda pisses me off...but anyways, i was wondering how many of you pit monkeys disslike your birthdays?

i mean, i like the gifts 'n stuff, but that's the only reason i put up with this crap
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ye I guess the attention is annoying

but overall I like my bday

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I hate people going omg happy birthday! And making a big deal about it.

I don't mind the gifts, and considering I don't have a job, it's one of the only ways I get money. But yeah, they can be a bit annoying, in the end it's just an ordinary day, but you just so happened to be born on the same date, many years ago.
couldn't agree more....hate my birthday too.... 'cos every single bday for me till now has been a really bad day....
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I stopped caring 30 years ago.
My dog died on my 16th, so no, I don't like it and I don't celebrate it anymore.
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eh i think when u reach an age like 15/16 the whole bday hype disappears from around 14 till now i have had dissapointing bdays just coz i dont think anyone really cares anymore my 17th is in like 2 months n i have decided that insted of getting upset about the ****tyness im goin 2 buy a nice bottle of JD or southern comfort tell ma mum im meeting friends tell my friends im spending it with ma familiy n go 2 the park n celebrate it myself that way theres no dissapointment,
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I didn't even find my 16th that great. I'm not one for birthdays. In fact, for my 16th I didn't even tell anyone about it until the day after. People that don't like you, as much as you don't like them wishing you a happy birthday isn't my idea of fun.
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Well my birthday this year was totally ****, if only because I had a maths exam on the day :\
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I have had a long running record of something terribly bad happening to me on my birthday. Someone dies, serious injuries, bad days at work, bad times with friends.

Pretty much an accursed day for me.
I try to avoid it as much as possible.
Well, on my birthday last week I turned 18. So far that was more exciting than any presents recieved, and I made full use of it.
I'm not bothered about them anymore.
My 16th was nothing special, I wanted a huge party but I got a nise $1000 amp instead :]

my 16ths coming up soon and im having a big party with my friend cas its his to

but on my actual bday
i dont want to do anything

i hate it
Nobody ever gets me what I want. I don't mean to sound spoilt but after telling my mum I wanted a metallica CD and getting a craig david one, I pretty much gave up =/

Plus after having had 19 of them the novelty's worn off somewhat.
My birthday is new years day. I hate the day for my birthday, but I like it. Its not a huge deal but I get neat presents and a nice dinner.
Wow, you're all miserable twats. I love birthdays, whether mine or someone else's.
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For me it's just another day, I can't celebrate much because It's almost spot on on an exam date, or near, Still, it's some massive celebration for being alive, I suppose.
I like my birthday. It means I get cool stuff. This year, I'm getting a new amp (an orange crush) and a metal muff pedal.
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