hey guys,

well this is the forum for promoting your band so that i will do. my band's name is A New Beginning. check us out cuz we are conceded assholes that think we're better than you. scratch that, we know we are better than u. ok maybe not but **** it. just listen to it.


if u like us add us, if u dont, go rot in a ditch or something? ya.

drumming in the intro to broken sounds like slipknots a blister exists part with thier bass drummers.
but still , awesome music.
Meh, you guys are alright, pretty generic.

I hope the unicorns song isn't really meant to be taken seriously, because - whomever wrote the lyrics - is pretty gay.
ya definitely not serious. hah. typical 1, 6, 4, 5 chord progression. me n my guitarist were just dickin around and the song was just too happy not to make it about unicorns. and it was too happy to be taken seriously from us.