I was wondering if anyone has done this mod on a strat:

1. remove tone pots completely
2. Install three vol pots, one for each pickup
3. modify the 5 way switch so the bridge, middle, and neck pickups can be selected individually .. positions 2 and 4 are dead
This way you could dial in three vol. for each pickup and switch between each pick up with the "5 way" (now a three) ... anyone done this or have seen a diagram showing this?

So your looking for a 5 way switch with 2 killswitches essentially?

If youre talkign abotu having a 3 way switch then al lyou need to do is connect the hot from each pickup into their own volume pot and take the volume outputs and solder them to one side of the switch. have the middle lug on the switch connected to the live out on the jack.

Get a picture of the switch you'll be using and we can help you with what goes where
Why would you do that, since you have 3 volume controls anyway. If you're only able to select one at a time, you get extraneous noise.

What I did to mine is I took the switch out of the loop and I made 3 volume controls. Just turn the knob to turn the thing on. With this setup a whole new variation of combinations is possible, and you can even have all 3 on at once.

It's really simple: Just wire 1 pickup->1 pot->the output jack, and repeat for each pickup. Don't do what I did though: Connect all the wires before you reach the output jack so you don't have 400 wires going through that little hole.
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