hey guys, so.. latley ive been looking fora cool kinda shaped guitar and i came across this guy selling a LEFTY ESP LTD EX-400BD

ESP LTD EX-400BD here

and hes asking 450 cad but i think i can get down around 400 or high 300's im a cheap bastard, but considering there lioke 700 new and stuff i think thats a pretty sweet deal, im waiting for an email with pics and age and more info, but

anyone have any encounters for thiss geeetar?
that's pretty good, seeing it's a 400 model.
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I played the right hand version and it's a pretty solid guitar. Sounded great and felt awesome, the shape's a bit awkward for me but he neck is thin and fast. Go for it
well.. it turns out he actually has a righyy.. **** ****
this always happens when they dont have pics first