So, I bought a Jackson WRXT, and guys from the store want me to pay for my 1 setup there(wich I think is stupid), so I will lower my action because is very high.
In the 12 fret,the fretboard is about 3,5 mm to 4mm awat from the strings.

It as a floyd rose so it should only take me to turn the 2 big screws in both sides of the bridge C.W. I done that but now I cann't turn them more. I would like to lower to moreless 2,5mm... I don't understand this

So any ideias on how to get the action lower?

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Make sure the neck straight first. If it isnt, adjust the truss rod. Then, make sure the floyd rose itself is at proper height and parallel to the guitar surface If it isn't, adjust the springs in the back so that it is. It shouldnt be a problem at all. Hope it works for you.