this a demo recording of a newish song I wrote called Fell (it's on my profile), i would say it's somewhere between darkwave and neofolk (sort of the Industrial equivalent of folk metal, only usually less industrial and more folk/classical sounding) but anyway this is pretty rough in terms of vox and the lyrics aren't complete but all the instrumentation pretty much is. all instruments are synths played by myself, and the vox and lyrics are by myself as well.
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Loved the music/background....that part sounded damn good to me.
No disrespect at all, but that vocal style just doesn't do it for me...but that's purely person pref...no rip on you at all.
I really like the music though...on first listen, it's easy to not pick up everything that's coming and going within it. You might not catch all the nuances in it, so it makes you pay attention, which is cool.

Interesting listen & not anything that I might've typically listened to, so thanks for sharing. Always nice to hear new stuff, that would've probably been off my radar without places like this.

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Not my type of music, and im not really a fan of the singing but it was still a good job.
Very interesting tune. I liked the backing music, the vocals really didnt do it for me but hey I'm no singer so I cant really talk. I liked your hairstyle for sure!!
Hey not my cup of tea but I didn't hate it. The synth stuff and strings worked good together. Reminded me of something out of a video game. Very creative though props for that, I wish I could write lyrics with any meaning at all.
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Well, its more something I'd expect to hear playing in the background at one of those new age stores at the mall that sells weird beads/stones and swords at the back. The song as a whole didn't really ever catch my interest, but if I was meditating in an opium den a hundred years back in China it might be good, and I'm not necessarily a bad thing because theres a market for every niche, you just won't find that demographic on this site.
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This definitely reminds me of The Doors... early early doors.

very mysterious, like that of a low moon night setting the atmosphere for something unexpected to happen.

but in all seriousness, the composition is pretty interesting, especially considering the synthy sound and time.

It sounds to me that the voice intentionally waivers, rightfully so in a folk song.

definitely paints a picture of a castle for me brother,

crit mine?

good song!
I think its cool how you mixed the parts, could be a tad bit louder but sounds cool.
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kay, finally got round to it, I liked it actually, very different to what I usually listen to, refreshing

Improvement-wise, I'd recommend cutting it down a little as it does get a little repetetive, and I'm not sure if the vocals are supposed to be in key or not, but if they were, they need some work, other than that, it was very enjoyable.

EDIT: if you get the time, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=896964
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