This may be an incredibly stupid question... But what all can you hook up to a cab? I've looked everyone on the internet and can't find anything. Maybe the only thing you're supposed to hook up to it is a head?

The reason I'm asking is because I want to hook up Guitar Rig 3 (software program) to a louder speaker rather than my computer speakers, and wanted to know if a cab can be used as an output...

I really hope I'm not making myself look retarded. :|

Oh, the reason I don't have a head is because my band played a few shows, got some money and they agreed on buying me this cab for 60 bucks from a friend, so it sits in my room doing nothing.
you will need a poweramp to do that I think.

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Yes, you need a power amp or it won't make any sound, unless it has a built in power amp of some sort, which still won't be very loud at all anyway.
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Get the cab. You can't really go wrong with a cab if it is 60 bucks.
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