Does any1 own this guitar? how does it feel? is it worth the money?

How does it compare with the Prs Single cut, custom 22, 513?

Are u paying extra just for the tremonti name?

How do the pickups fair?

Is the trem decent?

Got lots of questions about this guitar, sadly i cant play one as nowhere near me has prs guitars in stock, but ive always loved the look of them and for some reason my brain has asociated them with guitar perfection.

Thanks for your help
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played one once, was a really nice guitar to play, like one of the older single cuts but with a much hotter bridge pickup. from what I remember the trem was fairly stable.

one thing to remember with all guitars like this tho is that if you get a signature model, you are paying for the name as much as anything else. I'd personally go for one of the older singlecut models with a trem and swap out the pickups for a tremonti set.
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