first time writing a song/ lyric's and posting in here, so im sorry if i break the rules :\

anyway's the song im writing is about past relationship's and how you try to get over them but they alway's seem to come back and haunt you, you spend your time thinking what if, what if i had done something diffrent, what would it be like now... anyway's i have the first two versus and i was just wondering if i could get some help with maybe a nice chord progression or any help at adding music really, im going for a metal/ rock type base for the song, so maybe a fast(ish) heavy main riff and slower part's for when the lyrics come in.

so it would be like;

into (possibly a slower mellower intro)
first verse (music would fit around lyrics)
main riff (drum bass guitar all playing quite heavily)
second verse (again same riff as first verse)
etc etc

outro (start's off heavier and slowly get's slower and less heavier)

I look inside,
what use to be,
haunting me,
trying not to look,
but (there) so clear to see,
these nightmares,
these nightmares,
(are) killing me.

I, We
What use to be,
But not contemplating,
The suffering and hatred,
i have been bestowed,
killing me.