So I have this urge to buy a new guitar. I don't know if you guys get these, but I've had this huge urge to go buy a new ax. The only problem is I'm low on money, and I can't get a job this summer because I'm volunteering at a medical research lab sooo no money is headed my way. Does anyone know of anyplace that has good deals of guitars, or any suggestions on making some quick money??
I have the same thing but for a new amp, i have the money but now i have to spend it on a phone cause i lost mine
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Look around your house for stuff you dont need (clothes, CD's, films, headphones, bags, sports gear... e.t.c) and get them on ebay.

I managed to raise £200 by doing that. And still have things to sell.

How about a part time job?
Provided you're old enough you can pimp your body out.

Failing that go with Cobb and sell some stuff. As for places that do good deals, find one you want and google it untill you find it as cheap as possible. Make sure to check thomman and google shopping.
yeaa i was thinking about part time, but my volunteer stuff is a 9-5, and all my weekends are tied up thus far and i'm picking up a course next week to add onto it. I've been throwing some stuff up on ebay, but thats not really going to well considering I'm not at home and all the stuff I have with me I don't want to sell. Haha thanks for the help so far guys
what iv done, is take a skill u have and post ur services on craigs list or something. something u might even be able to do in the middle of the night or something, then just hand over for some money. and ebaying all ur crap will help too. (im currently doing both hoping for a new setup by the end of the summer ).
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