i want to get myself a multi effects processor but im a bit lost can anyone point me to a good processor that doesn't sound too digital ( my budget is £250 max)
Id say pod xt live or a digitech gnx4...the pod has the best sound by far if you read the instructions
zoom are horrible, line6 are better. haven't tried the digitech but line6 is the least digital I've tried.
Year avoid the cheap zoom pedals like the plague...havent tried the more expensive ones. Like everything u get what u pay for...u should save up more for a pod x3 they do everything!
the more expensive zooms are great. they're like the vox tonelab, imo.
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What kind of effects are you looking for? If its just delays reverbs and mods effects id advise looking at the g-major from TC electronics. It might be a rack mount but its seriously good quality, that is if you like TC effects.
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