what do you mean by "easiest"?
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This man is right.

My life in all aspects is going fucking brilliantly, so I just thought I'd offer a cyncial scrap of wisdom, gloat a little, and then leave.
Whats the stratoblaster do to your tone? Sorry, Ive only messed around with echos/fuzz/distortion/wah, never any boosters.
For simple/cheap to make, I'd recommend this one:


It was the first one I made, and I've had to make more for my friends - it's a very good pedal for such a simple design.

It does exactly what it says on the tin! I personally love it in front of my tube screamer, but it seems to make pretty much any effect work better.
Most fuzz units are pretty simple, but any with germanium transistors the cost goes up. A regular transistor is 30 cents a germanium is 4 bucks or more. Fuzz and boosters will have the least amount of parts so be cheaper to build. Some of the regular distortions units are pretty simple.