does anyone know what effects/amp settings etc the guitarist (zacky/syn) uses in the last solo of Dear God. it starts at sround 5:22. i have a floorpod so i will prbably be able to get the sound.

Haha, i thought this was a thread saying "Dear god, A7X are horrible."

typical A7X fans (from youtube):

"damn, there drummer is prity good memarizing whan drums and symbols when singing and not seeing what hes playing, i think that thats talented. aX7 FOR LIFE!! "

"ANNNND! I ****ING LOVE ZACKYS GUITAR. and The Rev's Singing! gah these guys have gotten so much better liveeee!!! lol im amazed myself.. "

"no.. It's MY Fave song!!! *takes song away* MINE! It's my fave song.. :P some people call A7X a screamo band.. Personally I hate the expression... screamo.... :| I just don't like it.. ugh. "
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ok the solo before that time uses a slide
i think you asked for the one that starts at 5:22
it sound to me like normal distortion with some reverb, but i think thats about it
hope this helps
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