I know this sounds really sad but does anyone know any games where it makes it a bit more fun to learn to read music and theory , I'm getting a bit bored of my head in a book for about an hour.

Links would be nice

Not off the top of my head, no... Try looking around on the internet a bit for something like this. It sounds like a good idea. If you can't find anything though, just try and stick it out!
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Do you mean like concepts and scales etc, if you do this is probably not gonna be much help, but here goes.


You download the packs, and they have games that help you learn the staves, note durations etc.

For example the Tetris game, you need to identify a note on a stave and match it onto the correct letter, so if theres a crotchet on the first line of the treble stave you need to put it onto the E at the bottom.

Hope that helps.
I recommend Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader Master.
It's totally adjustable to the users level and works on reading notes with rhythms. I've looked around and there's nothing for guitar or bass software that deals with sight-reading but this. The download site with some info is www.prolevelguitar.com
PS it does chords and a swing function for jazz as well. From what I can see, you can upgrade the software to a whole bunch of tools I haven't seen before... there's some videos on them.