to make one pedal that's a fuzz face and a tube screamer? like on one side it would have all of the TS stuff, and on the other it would have the FF stuff. btw i ask this out of curiosity and because i'm bored
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all you would have to do is connect the wires that go to the in on the FF to the out on the TS. it really wouldn't be that hard, but you would need a larger enclosure
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There are pedals like this the jekyl and hyde comes to mind. Just depends if you can stuff it all in an enclosure.
I'd be doubtful, most high end fuzz pedals can't share a power source with other pedals.
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Of course it's possible, TS. Like they all said, just share an enclosure. Ever heard of the Triple Rat? I's 3 ProCo Rat clones in 1 enclosure.

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